Welcome to our blog for the project “Quality Now and Tomorrow” which is a Comenius School Partnership project, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.

This project will last 2 years, from September 2009 till 30th July 2011. During these 2 years we are going to have at least 12 mobilities to our Partner Schools in Great Britain, Spain and Finland.

* * *

Aim of the project:

There are lots of european countries that do not know the criterias for schools with sustainable development ESD. The aim of our Comenius School Partnerships project entitled “Quality Now and Tomorrow” is to share our experience and to enhance lots of the criterias for ESD-Schools.

We could wide our currucilum and we use the critical thinking of all parnetrs’ schools.

The final product of our project will be a DVD with short films of all our activities about the ESD criterias. Both at the beginning and at the end we are going to do the questionnaires (for pupils and teachers). These questionnaires will include the attitudes of all participations to our nature and the environment. The feedback of these questionnares should shown us how effectively our education is.